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Aim: bringing the gender bias on Wikipedia (due to the lack of female content creators) to light  

Solution: Writing woman back into History by encouraging them to write it themselves.


Wikipedia is one of the top 5 most used sites, globally. From children at primary school (learning about key historical figures for the first time), to university students (who secretly indulge from time to time) - the site's influence is undeniable. 

This makes Wikipedia's underlying gender inequality, all the more surprising. 




In 2010, Sue Gardener was the executive director of the Wikimedia foundation, and vowed to increase female contributors from 25% by 2015…Since then, it has only grown 3%

so what's the big deal?

Statistically, the less female content creators there are, the less content there is about women. 

The stories of Woman such as Susan Goldberg, Donna Strickland and Margaret Knight aren't being told

Edit-a-thons are a pre-existing event that encourage Wikipedia Content Creators to write about topics not yet covered. The History Refresh page would list participating cities and their upcoming events - specifically targeting female intellects.  

The Missing Women of Wikipedia would feature on the home page, too - listing missing articles that need writing about. 

Important information on the campaign would feature on Wikipedia's homepage. 

If you look by the search bar, you'll see the 'not found what you're looking for?' alert, that appears when three consecutive or similar searches are made. When selected, users would be able to alert Wikipedia of the missing information.