Social Media


Over the Summer of 2018, I headed up the media team for New Wine Youth. New Wine is a popular Christian festival for families and they had, in previous years, focused more on the adult-focused instagram account. In two weeks of my activity on their @newwineyouth account, they had over 700 new and authentic followers.



Instagram Stories was used to keep followers engaged with the main posts.


Big Buggy Questions was a Q&A feature where random people at the event were selected each day to be interviewed by Josh, in the buggy.


You can check out this feature in the highlights reel on @newwineyouth 

followers could also be updated on what was happening at the event.

For example, acoustic nights at Vibe - as well as, the Archbishop's visit to the youth venues. 

Additionally, interactive content was put on the stories as well, such as 'The Great T-Rex Hunt', Polls, Q&As and post updates.

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