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Who are a21?

"Our mission is to end slavery. We are a nonprofit organisation fuelled by radical hope that human beings everywhere will be rescued from bondage and completely restored. We are the abolitionists of the 21st century. We work with you to free slaves and disrupt the demand."


Modern Day Slavery is an issue I feel really passionate in seeing an end to. Therefore, volunteering for this NGO was a no-brainer - believing in the work the charity is doing, made working all the more enjoyable.


One of the problems I first realised about the @A21uk instagram account was the fact that many people in the UK chose to follow the main @A21 account. The UK account had virtually the same content and was less consistent, so there wasn't much point in following both. So my aim was to bring UK specific content to the account and use the platform to highlight  the impact the UK team were having on Human Trafficking.

The A21 UK office make an effort to do fundraising themselves as a team. I created 15 second videos of fundraising days for Instagram Stories to encourage followers to get out into their local communities themselves. A21 believe local action equals global difference.

Panoramic Instagram Posts


I did some engagement research on the global @A21 Instagram account, to see what posts were most popular. I found that panoramic and GIF posts were amongst the top most engaging posts. I think the tangibility of scrolling through the panoramic posts and the repetition of GIFs are what drove engagement.



Each year the A21 UK Office gather Christmas hampers from their supporters and send them to survivors of Human Trafficking. To promote this, I created a two-slide post, that features a GIF and styled as a Christmas card. All in the

A21 brand aesthetic


Whilst continuing to repost some of the posts made by the global graphics team, I also chose to make some more country specific. For example, when global planned to post about volunteering at A21, I reached out to a volunteer to ask her to write about her experience. This gave our following a direct insight into what it's like to work at the UK office, specifically.




Luminosity is New Wine's new youth initiative - formerly known as 'New Wine Youth'. It's held at United,

each year, which is a Christian Festival where churches come together for one week. With over 20,000 people attending each year, it's a very well known festival amongst Christian circles.

My role

I started the Luminosity Media team in 2018 and each year, have lead a team of graphic designers, film makers & photographers for two weeks. In just its first year the instagram gained 600 new followers. 


The Luminosity attendees are 13-17 year olds. Noticing a trend in a 90s design aesthetic amongst this age group - I took inspiration from indie rock bands. Namely, the Kooks’ album artwork e.g Konk and Listen. The colour scheme and photo edits reflected this, by lifting the shadows and crushing the whites (low contrast).

The best performing posts on the account to date, are the Easter-specific posts - with 326 likes and 25 shares. The caption included an Easter message. 


GIF making

This was one of my first experiences posting a GIF on Luminosity's Instagram page. Although GIFs sometimes have the tendency to get lots of views, but not as many likes (I myself, often forget to like videos after watching them) - this was not the case here. Both views and engagement were high. 

Post- event

After an event has finished, how do you maintain engagement for the next year? Beyond the usual 'Throwback Thursday' post, I wanted to give back to the followers - so I created a curated playlist of the newest worship music.


Big Buggy Questions was a segment in which Josh Coolcrick (one of the well known youth leaders) went around the campsite, offering tired New Wine campers a lift in his golf buggy; in return they had to answer any question he asked. Think: James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke - only, without the singing and in a golf buggy.

Head to @weareluminosity and you'll find this series has its own highlights.

Who are



Noticing the lack of vintage shops in Loughborough but the trend of vintage fashion on campus - Loughborough University student, Michael Vincent noticed an opportunity. Lborovintage is an on-campus pop up vintage shop that is 'supplying Loughborough with all its vintage needs"

My role

Michael came to me when he was in the early stages of creating the brand. He commissioned me to design the logo and advise him on building his brand and using social media to gain attraction.

"Mary played an integral part of the planning process for Loughborough Vintage, enabling us to set a vision and direction for the company. She also DIGITALLY designed our hand-drawn logo ideas and brought it to life"

Michael Vincent, Founder





Who doesn't love a Christmas redesign? This was an absolute pleasure to create for @lborovintage - in response to an open brief to Xmas-ify the logo.

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