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The Brand: giffgaff is a mobile network run with a community of members. The name is a ye olde Scottish word that means ‘mutual giving’. And mutuality is the pure essence of the brand.

Challenge: Create a real world or digital brand experience that truly encapsulates the giffgaff spirit of "mutual giving"



Target Audience: Ethos buyers. They’re young, mostly students, principled, anti-corporate, liberal in outlook. Not necessarily ‘techie’, but savvy and often the ones their friends go to for mobile advice. They’re social media fiends, open to trying new ideas, who embrace the democratisation of knowledge that the Internet brings.




Imagine getting that warm fuzzy feeling from doing something good, all whilst getting to roam free in more countries than ever before. All you have to do is pay a buck more a month, and a twin sim will be sent to someone in the world in need of data. Meaning people can have the same academic & income opportunities, as well as access to vital information during war crisis.


Tel: 07724769463